Shi Yqui

Shi Yqui
Shi Yqui | All World Junior Champion, England Open Champion, World Championship Runner Up, Asian Games Gold Medalist

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Olivia Lei wins SILVER at Ontario Elite

Olivia Lei is truly awesome and a top player in her country. She recently played the Ontario Elite Series in Toronto and was the runner up to Rachel Honderich. The final score was 21-19,16-21, 24-22! It was a VERY tight women's singles final match! Olivia enjoys a Platinum badminton sponsorship which includes unlimited complimentary Li-Ning badminton rackets and other Li-Ning badminton equipment. Who knows her country and her ranking? It should be easy. We gave most of it away in the story. Do you live in he USA or Canada? Are you interested in a Li-Ning Badminton sponsorship? We are looking for avid players, coaches and players that want to tell their story online while enjoying complimentary Li-Ning Badminton Equipment as rewards for doing so. Interested parties are invited to visit our web site at and apply by clicking on the sponsorship brochure in the top menu. #AnythingIsPossible 

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