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Shi Yqui
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Badminton Net Information

The game of badminton relies on a properly installed badminton net to create a physical barrier between singles opponents or doubles opponents. The badminton net is what evenly separates the badminton court into two sides creating the objective of trying to make the shuttlecock hit the floor on the opponent’s side to win a point. Without a properly installed badminton net, the game of badminton simply would not exist in the form is does today.

It is very important for the badminton net to be installed correctly as the height and width must be perfect in order to achieve consistent play on any badminton court in any facility. The best badminton net installations include permanently affixed posts or heavily weighted posts systems. The post should be just outside of the doubles court lines to make sure that the badminton net is stretched across the entire width of the court. The last thing an advanced player wants is to have the posts on the line or inside of the line because they could interfere with a winning point at net level down the line.

The badminton net is set to 5’1” on the line and it is allowed to droop exactly 1” to 5’0” at the middle point of the court. The badminton net has a thick nylon cord that runs through a white nylon tape that ties to each side of the post. The nylon cord and tape are very important parts of the badminton net because the shuttlecock often hits the tape and is either rejected and falls back on the hitters’ side or it pops over the badminton net causing a rebound action which quite often wins a point.

The badminton net also includes a nylon mesh that prevents the shuttlecock from reaching the opponents side should they hit it into the net. The mesh on a regulation size badminton net is 2’6” long and can often be tied off down each side. Many installations do not tie the badminton net down the sides because it can cause a restriction when going back and forth under the net. Li-Ning Badminton offers two grades of badminton nets. The professional LN1800 and the premium LN2300. The difference is in the badminton net mesh. The LN1800 is a 12 ply mesh and the LN2300 is a 24 ply mesh. The tighter the mesh, the more durable is it. Advanced badminton players can benefit from a stronger mesh because stands up better to the constant pounding by the shuttlecock.  


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