Shi Yqui

Shi Yqui
Shi Yqui | All World Junior Champion, England Open Champion, World Championship Runner Up, Asian Games Gold Medalist

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Badminton Club Sponsorship Opportunity!

Are you running a badminton club and looking for support? Do you need to purchase badminton equipment in bulk for your badminton club or tournament?  If you answered yes to any of these questions a Li-Ning badminton sponsorship may be for you!

Our badminton club sponsorship has been designed to support qualifying badminton clubs in the USA & Canada while introducing members to the Li-Ning brand and our amazing badminton equipment. Qualifying clubs must have a web site and be willing to create a significant Li-Ning presence on the site. Our goal is to continually introduce the Li-Ning brand on the clubs web site and encourage members to investigate Li-Ning badminton equipment including badminton rackets, badminton string badminton clothing, shuttlecocks and our wide range of other badminton accessories supplies. We also ask that our brand be added to the clubs Facebook timeline header in order to give us additional brand impressions through this media.

In exchange for these valuable benefits, we provide the club organizer with a special online account that enables them to purchase most of our products at significant savings. In addition to this, we issue Product Rebates on an annual basis. The Product Rebates give the club an allotment of complimentary badminton equipment to use for club related events, tournaments and functions. Please be aware that Product Rebates have some restrictions including the purchase of our 14 badminton shuttlecock models, custom badminton racket stringing services and customization of badminton clothing. Club organizers are permitted to purchase badminton equipment including badminton rackets and shuttlecocks and all other products for themselves and family members but they are not permitted to use the account to purchase products for other club members. The purchase of our high performance badminton strings is highly recommended if the club organizers offer badminton racket restringing services. If club members would like to purchase Li-Ning badminton equipment they are invited to visit our web site where they will find over 75 badminton racket models and over 14 shuttlecock models plus a colossal selection of badminton equipment and supplies with FAST FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150 or more!

If you are interested in applying for our badminton club sponsorship, you are invited to apply online. Simply visit our badminton web site and navigate to the sponsorship link in the top menu. Most badminton clubs that have an active web site, social media presence and a reasonable number of members will qualify and getting set up is fast and easy. A simple letter of understanding is signed by both parties then the club’s web site and social media properties are updated. Once this is complete, the sponsorship account is set up and the Product Rebates are issued! There is no better badminton club sponsorship in the USA or Canada so if you would like complimentary badminton equipment and the ability to purchase badminton shoes, badminton clothing and other badminton equipment and supplies for you and your club please consider applying today!


  1. There are actually a few blogs that are good but were not included here but thanks for this. You may also do posts content about the basics of badminton and the essential racquet stringing needed for what newbie players like me should prepare.