Shi Yqui

Shi Yqui
Shi Yqui | All World Junior Champion, England Open Champion, World Championship Runner Up, Asian Games Gold Medalist

Monday, July 16, 2018

New Li-Ning Badminton Racket Series

Li-Ning is one of the leading sports brands around the world that guarantees 100% satisfaction on all your badminton equipment. Li Ning offers badminton rackets, badminton clothing, and accessories.
Ever since their launch, the Li Ning Badminton Rackets have exploded into the market and gained popularity among many athletes from around the world. Li Ning has both professional grade as well as amateur grade rackets.

Product Features…
The Li-Ning brand is especially famous for the badminton rackets robust frame design which provides the players with great control. Their superior manufacturing makes them really responsive by offering amazing performance.

New inventions have been made to make sure the players get only the best badminton rackets. Let us look at some of the technological advancements that have been made:

1. Turbo Charging
The Turbo Charging series is ideal for top international doubles players who have strong defensive skills. It’s designed for aerodynamic efficiency. This series has a trapezoidal frame which energizes the player with fast reaction speeds and extra log swings.
This series uses a 2-digit numbering system.

2. 3D Caliber
The 3D Caliber series is ideal for strong players who are looking for maximum power. It has a high-tech, geometric frame. The design eliminates air resistance during swings resulting in more powerful smashes.
This series uses a 3-digit numbering system.

3. Aeronaut
The Aeronaut series is ideal for players who are looking for the best racket control. Its design incorporates into the racket head, a unique air-stream channel which minimizes air resistance. The result is super high speeds for the shuttlecock.
This series uses a 4-digit numbering system.

Li-Ning Badminton Racket Numbering System
The new Li Ning rackets are easily distinguishable thanks to the numbering system on them. As stated earlier, all the badminton racket series different numbers of digits in their numbering. These digits are used to distinguish between the different grades of the rackets.
If the first digit is a 1,2, or 3 then the racket is ideal for beginners
If the first digit is a 4,5, or 6 then the racket is ideal for intermediate players
If the first digit is a 7,8, or 9 then the racket is ideal for more advanced players

Li-Ning Badminton Racket Categories
Each and every one of the above mentioned series is further classified into 4 categories depending on the following play styles:
i. Drive. The DRIVE rackets have a stiff shaft with a highly elastic head. This design offers rapid repulsion power.
This category is ideal for fast players
ii. Combat. The COMBAT rackets have a pretty heavy head with a higher balance point.
This category is ideal for strong and aggressive players who are looking for maximum power.
iii. Boost. The BOOST rackets have moderate weight and a medium shaft.
This category is ideal for experienced players.
iv. Instinct. The INSTINCT rackets have a flexible shaft that facilitates a fast attack style of pay.
This category is ideal for players with aggressive speeds and agility.

Make your game better with the best badminton rackets available on the market – choose Li Ning!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Badminton Club Sponsorship Opportunity!

Are you running a badminton club and looking for support? Do you need to purchase badminton equipment in bulk for your badminton club or tournament?  If you answered yes to any of these questions a Li-Ning badminton sponsorship may be for you!

Our badminton club sponsorship has been designed to support qualifying badminton clubs in the USA & Canada while introducing members to the Li-Ning brand and our amazing badminton equipment. Qualifying clubs must have a web site and be willing to create a significant Li-Ning presence on the site. Our goal is to continually introduce the Li-Ning brand on the clubs web site and encourage members to investigate Li-Ning badminton equipment including badminton rackets, badminton string badminton clothing, shuttlecocks and our wide range of other badminton accessories supplies. We also ask that our brand be added to the clubs Facebook timeline header in order to give us additional brand impressions through this media.

In exchange for these valuable benefits, we provide the club organizer with a special online account that enables them to purchase most of our products at significant savings. In addition to this, we issue Product Rebates on an annual basis. The Product Rebates give the club an allotment of complimentary badminton equipment to use for club related events, tournaments and functions. Please be aware that Product Rebates have some restrictions including the purchase of our 14 badminton shuttlecock models, custom badminton racket stringing services and customization of badminton clothing. Club organizers are permitted to purchase badminton equipment including badminton rackets and shuttlecocks and all other products for themselves and family members but they are not permitted to use the account to purchase products for other club members. The purchase of our high performance badminton strings is highly recommended if the club organizers offer badminton racket restringing services. If club members would like to purchase Li-Ning badminton equipment they are invited to visit our web site where they will find over 75 badminton racket models and over 14 shuttlecock models plus a colossal selection of badminton equipment and supplies with FAST FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150 or more!

If you are interested in applying for our badminton club sponsorship, you are invited to apply online. Simply visit our badminton web site and navigate to the sponsorship link in the top menu. Most badminton clubs that have an active web site, social media presence and a reasonable number of members will qualify and getting set up is fast and easy. A simple letter of understanding is signed by both parties then the club’s web site and social media properties are updated. Once this is complete, the sponsorship account is set up and the Product Rebates are issued! There is no better badminton club sponsorship in the USA or Canada so if you would like complimentary badminton equipment and the ability to purchase badminton shoes, badminton clothing and other badminton equipment and supplies for you and your club please consider applying today!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

NEW Super Force 17 Badminton Racket

From the first time you see the all NEW stunning red, black, green and silver design of the Li-Ning Super Force badminton racket you will be in love! This racket screams POWER and with its reinforced commercial grade carbon fiber construction it can be strung up to an AWESOME 35lbs. Now you do not have to string it this tight but if you have a very hard swing and if you love to POUND the shuttlecock you will truly enjoy the high string tension.

The Super Force 17 badminton racket also included cutting edge technologies such as Dynamic Optimum Frame for an enlarged sweet spot. Badminton rackets with an enlarged sweet spot give you added control and power and make the badminton racket more enjoyable to play with. It also includes Aerotec Beam System that reduces wind resistance and improves that strength of the racket. High Tensile Slim Shaft makes the racket look stunning and increases its strength at where the head and the shaft are joined.

The SUPER FORCE 17 badminton racket is suitable for offense oriented players who want to play with blistering power. This popular badminton racket has a higher balance point giving it a heavier head so your swing can generate much more power. The integration of our unique multi-polymer reinforced carbon fiber adds numerous layers and strength to key badminton racket points. Increased strength and power of the shaft along with other reinforced areas makes this badminton racket one of the most durable offensive and power driven racket on the market today.

The Super Force 17 badminton racket is available in the USA and Canada on August 21st, 2017 and comes with a 2017 Glasgow, Scotland World Championship shirt until September 30th or while supplies last. If you have any questions about purchasing this badminton racket or any other Li-Ning Badminton rackets please feel free to call us at 855-6LI-NING (855-654-6464) Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm EST.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NEW Windstorm 72 Badminton Racket

For those badminton enthusiasts that enjoy playing with a light weight badminton racket you will appreciate the responsiveness and fast play characteristics of our all new Windstorm 72 badminton racket. Windstorm rackets belong to the Extra Skill series which are light weight badminton rackets for “quick hands” play style. The Windstorm 72 is the latest in the light weight series and weighs in at only 72g. This is the lightest badminton racket offered by Li-Ning and with its string tension rating of 30lbs it will surely help you destroy your competition.

The balance point is the position on the racket shaft where it neither falls backward or forward when trying to balance it. A higher balance point means that more weight is distributed toward the badminton racket head. More weight toward the racket head helps the player deliver more power which is why the Windstorm 72 has a balance point of 315mm. This is unusually high, but given the 72g weight of the badminton racket it makes sense from a power generation standpoint.

In addition to the Windstorm 72 superlight technology, this amazing badminton racket boasts TB Nano, Dynamic-Optimum Frame, Aerotec-Beam-System and UHB-Shaft technologies. For full technology details, we invite you to visit the Li-Ning badminton web site where you will find a wealth of specifications, details and all of the other important information that you will need to make your purchase decision.

Setting aside all of the superb technology and awesome play characteristics, the Windstorm 72 badminton racket is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. It is finished in brilliant tones of purple, pink and green over a stunning powder blue base coat. The Li-Ning brand is applied to the yolk of the badminton racket above the handle which is covered in a white synthetic over grip. The new Windstorm 72 badminton racket can be found at participating Li-Ning badminton equipment dealers in the USA and Canada directly online at

Thursday, May 11, 2017

NEW N99 Badminton Racket

Our NEW high tech N99 cutting edge badminton racket is made from military grade carbon fiber and with a whopping 30 pound string tension capacity, plays amazing!

Hong Wei said “The N99 badminton racket swings light and is only a little head heavy which is great for a power racket. You will love the 3D watermark because it looks amazing in the cool new colors!”

Take advantage of our Sudirman Cup “No Strings Attached” offer and save $20 plus receive complimentary stringing service until May 31st, 2017 or while supplies last!

Find a dealer or shop online at and buy the badminton racket of choice for champions like Hong Way and others at this year’s Sudirman Cup!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NEW N7II Badminton Racket

Our NEW high tech N7II cutting edge badminton racket is made from military grade carbon fiber and with a whopping 30 pound string tension capacity, plays like no other.

Zhang Nan said “the new N7II badminton racket colours are beautiful and I love the defence and counter attack that this racket gives me.” “It feels and swings light but it still gives me lots of power when I need it!”

Take advantage of our Sudirman Cup “No Strings Attached” offer and save $20 plus receive complimentary stringing service until May 31st, 2017 or while supplies last!

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NEW N9II Badminton Racket

Our NEW high tech N9II cutting edge badminton racket is made from military grade carbon fiber and with a whopping 30 pound string tension capacity, plays like no other.

Fu Haifeng said “the N9II badminton racket is well suited for me and powerful back court players that pound the shuttlecock extremely hard.” “The shaft has been improved and when you spin the racket the color changes slightly!”

Take advantage of our Sudirman Cup “No Strings Attached” offer and save $20 plus receive complimentary stringing service until May 31st, 2017 or while supplies last!

Find a dealer or shop online at and buy the badminton racket of choice for world and Olympic champions like Fu Haifeng and others at this year’s Sudirman Cup!