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Shi Yqui
Shi Yqui | All World Junior Champion, England Open Champion, World Championship Runner Up, Asian Games Gold Medalist

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Li-Ning Badminton String and String Tensions

Li-Ning offers three main badminton string models that cater to different badminton player needs. The most durable badminton string model is No. 7, and as the name suggests, it is 0.7 mm thick, making it strong and long-lasting. Players who have not fully developed their swing may hit the shuttlecock at the top, sides or bottom of the string bed. If this happens with enough force, the badminton racket strings can break. Li-Ning No. 7 strings are the thickest and most durable, so if you are still developing your swing, we recommend this model to help prevent the need to restring your racket constantly.

Our most popular badminton string is our No. 5 model. It is 0.69 mm thick and is an excellent blend between durability and repulsion. The thicker the badminton racket string, the less repulsion it has. Think of repulsion like a trampoline. When you jump on the trampoline, it retracts downwards and the springs back up the lift you into the air. Badminton strings are similar, but the thinner the string, the more repulsion they give. Our No. 5 strings can withstand moderate mis-hits and give excellent repulsion making them a popular choice for badminton enthusiasts of all play levels.

If you want the best repulsion power, feel, and gratification of a clean, crisp hitting sound, our No. 1 badminton string will be for you. This string model is only 0.65 mm thick and plays like no other. It is still a very durable string, but if you mishit the shuttlecock on the top, sides or bottom of the string bed, they are more likely to break. Li-Ning badminton strings come in a rainbow of colours so you can coordinate with your racket or badminton ensemble.

String tension is also a main consideration because the tighter you sting, the higher chances they will break. On the low end, a badminton racket strung at 20 lbs will play and feel soft, but if you cannot hit hard, it will suffice. A tension of 24 to 26 lbs is the most common because it gives you a nice blend of control, repulsion and durability. A player with a well-developed swing can benefit from higher string tension because their swing's inertia creates good repulsion power and control. If your swing is soft and you play with a racket strung at 30 lbs, it is a detriment because you will not benefit from repulsion power, and it will feel like playing with a frying pan.

To have the best experience with Li-Ning No 1, No 5 or No 7 strings, have your racket strung on an E5000 badminton stringing machine. This machine is precision-crafted and can string your racket with the most accurate stringing tension. A pre-stretch option that pulls the string slightly beyond the set string tension so that it is closer to the final desired tension when it relaxes. The string tension is controlled electronically, and an automatic tensioner arm gently pulls the string to the exact tension. Li-Ning electronic badminton stringing machines include a 6 point head to keep the racket firmly in place to protect it from damage.

We also offer a manual stringing machine option at a much lower price without electronic features and automation. If you want solid badminton stringing machine at a price most can afford, this is a viable option. Avid badminton players on the courts 3 to 5 times a week can break many strings, and our manual machine is a great option to have at home. It is convenient, but it will eventually pay for itself, especially if you have a household of players.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Badminton Birdie vs Badminton Shuttlecock

Badminton was invented in the town of Badminton in England during the late 1800s. Right from the beginning, it involved striking a shuttlecock back and forth across a net with a type of strung rackets. Over the years, shuttlecocks have evolved and are made from a variety of grades of goose feathers and duck feathers. In fact, only the feathers from the left-wing of the birds will work because the angle of the feather must be consistent for the badminton shuttlecock to fly and rotate correctly through the air.


Most shuttlecocks are hand-made in factories in China and most major brands contract their preferred factory to make certain grades of shuttlecock at target consumer prices. The higher-grade feathers are less plentiful so in keeping with supply vs demand, the high-end international badminton shuttlecock comes with a premium price. The base of the shuttlecock can also differ with full natural cork playing and feeling the best but again, commanding a premium price. 


Most badminton players around the globe play with natural goose or duck shuttlecocks but in the United States and Canada, synthetic badminton shuttlecocks are very common with one main difference. The synthetic badminton shuttlecocks are more commonly called badminton birdies! Badminton birdies is also a term that is used more among backyard and beach badminton players or recreational players that are more engaged in playing badminton casually or socially.


Badminton birdies are made from nylon or plastic and tend to be more durable than a natural feather shuttlecock. This is important for the less experienced players because they have not developed the skills to consistently hit the sweet spot of the badminton racket which can wear down shuttle quickly. Badminton birdies are also made with a synthetic cork base to help lower the cost and make them more durable. Badminton birdies are usually sold in a tube of 6 compared to 12 shuttlecock. 


Like ping pong vs table tennis, shuttlecock vs badminton birdie is more about where and how the game of badminton is played, not about what the game is played with. Junior players that are just beginning to learn how to play most often start and practice with birdies. Many brands offer white or yellow birdies with yellow being the most popular because of their striking contrast against the white and light-coloured ceilings and walls in gyms and community centres throughout the United States and Canada.

Badminton Courts for Outdoor Badminton Play

Playing badminton in the current covid environment can be difficult because most badminton courts are either closed or restricted. It will not be until badminton clubs and facilities reopen will it be possible to rent or find a badminton court to play with your friends or train for competition. There are thousands of badminton courts throughout the United States and Canada and once the pandemic is under control, badminton lovers will once again return in droves to play.

As an alternative to renting or playing on a traditional indoor badminton court, many people are setting up a badminton net outdoors where there are no safety concerns or restrictions. It is possible to purchase a portable badminton net, but you may find that these nets are not regulation sized and the posts are not sturdy enough to keep the badminton net tight and at the correct height at the sides and the middle. Although a portable badminton net kit may come in a carrying case for convenient transport to your favourite outdoor badminton court, the trade off is it is tough to build in the right quality and size for players with developed skills and abilities.

If you want to crate the best outdoor badminton court possible, we recommend finding a flat level area that is at least 48 feet long by 24 feet wide. A regulation badminton net is 20 feet wide so it will fit within this space with room to spare. We have found that 8-foot T stakes that are available at your local hardware store, are the best for creating outdoor badminton net posts. You can hammer the stakes into the ground at the 5-foot 1 inch mark and then tightly fasten the net to the stakes with the centre hanging at the 5-foot mark.

Now that the badminton net is correctly installed to make an outstanding badminton court, you can use a baseball line marking machine and chalk to mark the badminton court lines. Although the experience is not the same as an indoor court, it is certainly better than no court at all and can help you get some much-needed exercise while full or partial restrictions are in place. Do not get us wrong, we have a great portable badminton net product in stock and ready for immediate delivery. It's just that if your skills are more developed, you will appreciate setting up your net with stakes. If not, the portable badminton net option is the way to go.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

New High-Quality Li-Ning Badminton Set Options

For those that love badminton, they should know there are two distinct versions of the sport being the Olympic version or the casual beach or backyard version. Customers that are looking to play badminton at the beach, in their backyard or even at the park will be impressed with the new high-quality Li-Ning badminton sets that are now available online through the companies’ website or via the convenience of Amazon Canada or USA.

Li-Ning badminton sets include quality carbon fibre badminton rackets, X800 nylon shuttlecocks and a regulation sized badminton net. No matter what badminton set you choose, a pair of 8' "T" stakes are best for securing the net at the 5' mark buy hammering them 3' into the ground. With the net tightly fastened to the stakes, your badminton set will always be for you and you family and friends to enjoy.

The Li-Ning Leisure badminton set option can be purchased as a 2-racket badminton set or a 4-racket badminton set. Either way, the set comes with 100% carbon fibre Turbo Force 1000 badminton rackets. The rackets are finished in an attractive green and blue paint and are nice and light to make outdoor badminton play fun and enjoyable. The Leisure badminton sets do not come with covers for the rackets but if you have a standard gym or racket bag they will easily fit along with the net and the birdies.

The Li-Ning Premium badminton set options also include 2 racket badminton set and 4 racket badminton set packages. In the box you will find A700 carbon badminton rackets, covers for each of the rackets, six X800 nylon badminton birdies and a quality regulation size badminton net. The badminton rackets are a step up from the rackets in the Leisure badminton sets in the way of overall strength and hitting feel. The rackets in all the badminton sets include factory strings with a tension of about 24 lbs.

No matter what Li-Ning badminton set you are considering, you can rest assured that you are receiving authentic Li-Ning quality in a convenient package at a fair price. The easiest and most direct way to purchase one of our outstanding badminton sets is to head on over to our USA and Canada badminton website and place your order directly from the company. Your badminton set will be professionally shipped by UPS with delivery to most continental destinations in the USA and Canada within 2 to 5 business days. If you would like to receive more information about our badminton sets, please feel free to drop us a line by emailing or call us toll free at 855-654-6464 and select option 1 for badminton set sales.

Friday, January 22, 2021

How to Choose the Best Badminton Racket

A common question that we receive from online shoppers is "what is the best badminton racket" for me? With about 80 different models in-stock this can be a rather difficult question to answer because the best badminton racket for one player may not necessarily be the best badminton racket for another. If you write us or call us to determine the best badminton racket for you, we will try to find out what level and kind of play you are so we can make the best recommendation possible.

So, starting with the basics, if you are just learning how to play badminton it is unlikely that you will notice much of a difference between a higher end racket vs a beginner racket because your swing may not be developed enough yet. A Li-Ning Student or Beginner racket should be enough to get started and once you start to "get in the swing of things" you can always move up to a different model. If you have the budget, you can always start with something more advanced and grow into it so keep this in mind when we are discussing the various model options.

Some people believe that a light racket is the best badminton racket and the lighter the better, but this is not necessarily true. A light badminton racket is often recommended for junior players or those that have developed a powerful swing yet. A lightweight racket is easier to swing and is easy on the shoulder and arm, but you may sacrifice some power because a little bit of weight helps to generate momentum and a faster racket head speed. A light racket may be the best badminton racket but do not fall into the trap of thinking the lighter the better because this may not be the case for you.

Some of the main characteristics that are popular to compare are overall weight, balance point, shaft flexibility, grip size and string tension capability. All of these can vary slightly or significantly and the best badminton racket for players that pay closer attention to these details select their favorite model based on personal preferences.

Li-Ning offers 5 technology platforms which translates into 5 different frame styles. In addition, each technology platform includes for series. Combat (Power), Drive (Stiff), Boost (Balanced) and Instinct (Light). As you can see, if you want us to recommend the best badminton racket this can be tricky because what is best for you may not be the best for another.

The best way to determine what racket suits you is to try several different models at your club or gym. If you are lucky, there might be a Li-Ning demo day in your area that will allow you to try almost all the rackets and not until then would you be able to decide what the best badminton racket is for you. If you would like us to try to help you narrow down a badminton racket model, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

New Li-Ning Windstorm 74 Light Badminton Racket

Playing with a light badminton racket is preferred by many badminton players due to its easy to swing characteristics. There is nothing more gratifying than effortlessly swinging the racket and cracking the shuttlecock right in the sweet spot of the string bed. And for those that have not developed a "monster" swing, a light badminton racket with a flexible shaft can be even more gratifying because you get a little extra oomph on the shuttlecock when the shaft flexes and recoils.

Our all Li-Ning Windstorm 74 Badminton Racket checks all the boxes. It is a premium quality light badminton racket that is super easy to swing and boasts a flexible shaft to provide the added benefits mentioned above. Weighing in at only 74 grams, the Windstorm 74 has a bit of weight to generate some inertia that is required to get that extra "pop" when striking the shuttlecock.

The new Windstorm 74 is now available in 3 colour versions including Yellow / Black, Grey / Black and White / Blue. And with a balance point of 310 mm, you will not feel like you are swinging a feather so your arm and shoulder will thank you after a day of intense training, training or competing. The racket usually comes without strings but we have learned that many lightweight badminton racket users prefer to purchase their rackets with strings, so we are offering it pre strung from the factory at 24lbs.

The Windstorm 74 also includes an excellent quality badminton racket case that is designed to protect the racket and allow you to easily carry it to your gym or club. If you are interested in purchasing, head on over to our eCommerce website and purchase online if you live in the USA or Canada or if you prefer to shop in person, use our handy dealer locator and you should be able to find a participating shop to visit, touch feel and buy. And remember...only genuine Li-Ning products are sold on our official website and many websites with low priced Li-Ning products are most often selling inferior knock offs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Windstorm 78SL III Badminton Racket

The Windstorm 78SL III is highly sought after by badminton enthusiasts around the world. It's a great product and is the buzzword in many badminton halls. Many badminton players prefer to acquire this badminton racket online, which can be advantageous for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, there are a few things to note when shopping for the Windstorm 78SL III Badminton Racket

Here's a guide for online shoppers:

1. Determine Site Legitimacy

Online shopping is a convenient way of acquiring sporting goods. You don't have to travel long distances to get the right badminton racket. When shopping for the Windstorm 78SL III Badminton Racket online, caution is recommended. This lightweight badminton racket is high-quality and in high demand. As such, you might come across counterfeits. Not all online stores sell legitimate products. To ensure it's a genuine Li-Ning product, only buy your badminton racket from authorized Li-Ning dealer

2. The Product Cost Maters

Online shopping allows you to compare prices between many sites. Unlike in physical stores, you can do this with a simple click of a button. All Li-Ning rackets come at a reasonable price, which may vary slightly from one dealer to another. Shop wisely to be sure that you get the best deals. A word of caution! You may find sites that are selling this racket at a considerably low price. Don't' fall for the trap; cheap is usually expensive.

Why is Windstorm 78SL III Badminton racket your best pick?

3. Consider the delivery time.

Once you confirm your purchase for your Windstorm 78SL III Badminton Racket, it will take some time to get delivered. All online stores are different, and their mode of operation varies. Some shops deliver products on the same day, while others take a few days to do so. You don't want to wait for long to get your racket, purchase from a site that delivers promptly.

4. Get a warranty

A warranty comes in handy in case of faulty or broken equipment. It serves as a guarantee for a replacement if the item delivered doesn't meet Li-Ning quality standards. Enquire whether the dealer offers a warranty and keep it safe. You don't want to spend money on another racket a few days or weeks later.

You'll come across a wide variety of badminton rackets online. It's good to compare the Windstorm 78SL III Badminton Racket with other models, but don't be swayed. This racket comes with many perks. You will be surprised by how it will transform your playing experience. First of all, the Windstorm 78SL III is lightweight, and this is a plus to the player who is still developing their swing. You're less likely to incur injuries when playing with a light badminton racket. A heavy racket can generate a lot of power, it's not easy to control and may hurt your shoulders. It's more suitable for expert players, but for beginners, it's usually a no! Moreover, you'll enjoy super-fast reaction times and speed with the Windstorm 78SL III Badminton Racket as it features enhanced flexibility and comfort and is easy to use.

Final thoughts

Acquiring the Windstorm 78SL III Badminton racket is the best decision you can make. It's a potent tool for all badminton players and will give you an edge over your opponents. If shopping online, consider the above tips, and have the best shopping experience.