Shi Yqui

Shi Yqui
Shi Yqui | All World Junior Champion, England Open Champion, World Championship Runner Up, Asian Games Gold Medalist

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NEW TurboCharging N9II !

The all new Li-Ning MEGA POWER TurboCharging N9II badminton racket is out and we think you may agree that it's a badminton racket engineering masterpiece. The racket is made from our military grade carbon fiber giving it amazing strength, string tensions of up to 30lbs and an extraordinary badminton racket feel. From the moment that you put the N9II in your hand you will know that it is a serious badminton racket that has been designed for the serious badminton player.

The racket is finished in a matte black base coat paint with neon blue and neon pink accents that sparkle and pop. Fine attention to detail has been made in placing the Li-Ning logo on the yolk and Li-Ning logo graphic on the badminton racket “T”. The badminton racket head is treated with “Ultra Carbon”, “Dynamic-Optimum Frame” and TurboCharging markings and the shaft includes “Aero Tec-Beam System”, “Dynamic-Optimum Frame”, “UHB Shaft”, “HDF Shock-Absorbtion” amongst other professionally applied graphics.

When selecting the right badminton racket for you it is always nice to understand the badminton racket technologies but in the end, the right badminton racket for you is the one that feels the best and suits your budget. With an everyday fair price of $209.00 in the USA and Canada, we believe that the N9II is a premium badminton racket at a very fair price. If you live close to the Burlington, Ontario warehouse there is a strung model that you are welcome to try before you buy. In other areas, our dealers and direct sales agents offer demo racket services at their discretion.

Be sure to consider the badminton strings that you select with your new N9II badminton racket because the type and tension will have an effect on the overall racket feel and playing experience. If you don’t miss hit the shuttlecock often you may want to consider a No.1 high repulsion string. At only 0.65mm thick, the No.1 string delivers the best power and gives you that beautiful high pitch sound when you hit the shuttlecock square on the sweet spot.

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