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Shi Yqui
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Learn About Li-Ning Badminton Shoes

Many people are curious to know what makes a great badminton shoe a great badminton shoe and what the difference is between our badminton shoes. Today we would like to share some insight with you. A great badminton shoe is vital to enjoying the game of badminton and the better the shoes the more enjoyable the sport for a number of different reasons. A badminton shoe is where the “rubber meets the road” and just like the tires on your car, it's not possible to play safely and effectively without them.

The first thing that you need to look for when selecting the right badminton shoe is comfort. Without a comfortable badminton shoe, you will likely feel unnecessarily tired and sore. Comfortable badminton shoes absorb much of the shock from jumping and lunging and help to protect joints and muscles while reducing fatigue and soreness. Li-Ning badminton shoes are rated from 1 to 10 for comfort so you know what to expect when you get on the courts and start playing. Our more comfortable shoes include cushion technology in the heel of the shoe and more comfort in the insole. The more comfort technology built into the shoe the higher the comfort rating and the more the badminton shoes typically cost.

Next is support. In order to protect the arch and the foot in general, the badminton shoes needs to provide support for the foot. Higher level play warrants the need for superior support because high level athletes typically lung and jump more and the amount of shock and pressure on the feet increases. Li-Ning badminton shoes include a number of different technologies to deliver superior support including our carbon fiber shank. This is molded into the bottom of the shoe and it a lightweight solution to providing rigidity in the sole of the shoe. Some carbon fiber shanks even include a vent to allow the feet to breathe and stay cool while playing.

A badminton shoe should fit and wear like a slipper and should feel light weight making you nimble while moving around the court. There is usually a fine line between adding technologies and the weight of the shoe. For example, if a carbon fiber shank is eliminated, the weight of the shoe is reduced but the support is also reduced. So just because a shoe is lighter than another doesn’t mean it’s a superior shoe. It simply means its lighter which may or not be a benefit dependent upon what other technologies the light shoe has. You will find men’s badminton shoes and women’s badminton shoes will range in weight from about 10 ounces to 13 ounces but remember to review what other benefits a slightly heavier shoe may provide as the additional weight may be worth it in the long run.

Having excellent traction while moving around the court is also of utmost importance and wearing badminton shoes that provide superior traction will certainly win you points and potentially help to avoid injury. It’s difficult to go wrong with gum rubber soles because they are durable and they stick to most badminton court surfaces. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are widely used due their durability and cushioning properties. Some shoes even have multi-flex soles that bend and give as the athlete moves which gives them even more traction and agility. Slipping and falling on the court is dangerous and is certain to cost you valuable points so be certain to buy the best shoes possible including traction to ensure that you always look your best while playing your best.

A less expensive badminton shoes is often less durable because in order to lower the price, something has to give. Durable men’s badminton shoes and women’s badminton shoes are made from quality synthetic materials and include strong stitching and reinforcement in key wear areas. Higher grade light weight synthetic materials can be found in the top-of-the-line models and although you will find a higher price tag they should last much longer making them a sound financial choice in the long run.
And to finish things off, your men’s badminton shoes and women’s badminton shoes must allow your feet to breathe. If your badminton shoes do not allow your feet to breathe your feet may get sweaty while playing resulting in painful blisters causing you to sit on the sidelines until they heal. Li-Ning badminton shoes often include specially designed vents in the bottom of the shoes to help your feet breath and the upper materials either have vents for breathability or are made from synthetic materials that naturally breathe on their own.

So to summarize, if you look for the best comfort, weight, support, traction, durability and breath-ability you will have most of the bases covered. And as far as Li-Ning badminton shoes go, the higher the rating in each of the categories, except weight, the better!    

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